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Spiderman Sketch

The Spiderman character was created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko. He first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 (Aug. 1962). Lee and Ditko conceived of the character as an orphan being raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben, and as an ordinary teenager, having to deal with the normal struggles of youth in addition to those of a costumed crime fighter. Spider-Man’s creators gave him super strength and agility, the ability to cling to most surfaces, shoot spider-webs using devices of his own invention which he called “web-shooters,” and react to danger quickly with his “spider-sense”, enabling him to combat his foes.

Planetary Deadlock: by Samuel Starkey & Daniel Lucas
12 x 6 ft on panel board
Every square painted by hand
acrylic and spray paint

six by twelve foot mural painting inside the cosmos

Seahorse: Graphite Pencil

From reference.
Master Study

ob·serv·er [ əb zúrvər ]
noun: a person who becomes aware (of things or events) through the senses

graphite human skull sketch

Skull: frontal view

Why do I draw?

This question comes up in my mind from time to time. What are the motivating factors that keep me drawing everyday, weekly, through the years? How do I retain my focus while drawing consistently and improving my talent?

These are things I ask myself. One reason I draw is for pure pleasure. Drawing is a past-time and a present-time activity that has been ingrained in me from when I was 5 years old. I was given art supplies galore when I was a kid. I got books on art. I was fascinated by perspective at a very young age.

I’m motivated to draw because I see Improvement in each new drawing I do. I have an attitude of “every new drawing is a bad drawing out of the way”. This has kept me inspired and continuing to accomplish what I want in my drawing. I would love to go to an Art Design School if I could afford it. I will continue to pursue drawing and see where it leads me.

Focusing on drawing for several hours is a form of meditation to a degree. I am mentally able to shift into a dreamlike mindset – an altered state of consciousness also known as ‘seeing as an artist sees’. You may be one of these people. Art of many kinds can induce this type of meditative state. It is awesome.

Unknown reference
Graphite Pencil

Tennis Shoe

My shoes are size 14. Sometimes it is difficult to find shoes that will fit my feet. I wear shoes till they are literally falling apart.

When shopping for athletic shoes it is a good idea not to shop in the morning because feet tend to swell during the day, especially when running. So shop for shoes during the late afternoon.

The Idea of the sneaker did not materialize until an American inventor, Charles Goodyear, invented the process for the vulcanization of rubber. The Spalding company produced shoes specifically for the game of basketball as early as 1907.

Shoe still life
Graphite Pencil

Still Life fruit

Still Life Fruit
Graphite Pencil